refuelr review

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Refuelr is surely an interesting traffic generation technique utelizing Pinterest.

It’s not a ‘make money online’ or ‘get rich quick’ strategy. It’s a 

traffic generation method which you can use to drive targeted visitors to 

your website, ecom store or lead capture page.

If you are seeking a make money fast strategy or a quick way to make some 

money online then take a look at my FREE video training course here:

Refuelr is an amazing way to drive free website traffic to your store or blog and 

pinterest is often neglected for this.

I know this works as I also use pinterest to generate traffic to one of my 

ecom stores.

List Masteree Review

List Masteree is a number of interviews with 5 Super Affiliates who each 

share their list setting up secrets and a lot of other golden nuggets.

Each interview is approximately 45mins – 1hr in length and informs you the way they got 

into Affiliate Marketing and built their first list

Additionally they share their tactics on list building and what’s working in 2017.

This is a great product and Strongly recommended to anyone planning on 

getting into Internet Marketing.

Website Profit Monster Review

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within this course Nick & Tom are giving away their finest performing website theme that you can then go and employ to create websites for small businesses.

In addition they have a developers licence so you are legally able to use the theme to simply create websites for just about any clients you want.

Website Profit Monster also includes an in-depth training course showing you step-by-step how you can set up a website completely from scratch and install the theme to wordpress.

Tom also shows you ways to sell these websites to local businesses and also where to locate local businesses to sell them to.

printly review

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Printly is a different 

money making tactic which is easy to setup and 

creates a passive income stream… Which we all love

Ike (the product creator) is making a passive $1800 just about every month 

using this method.

Printly involves designing printable PDF files 

which you can 

sell in 

literally any niche on this planet.

Printly Review

I didn’t think it was possible to earn 

money in this way but Ike has alot of 

income proof stating otherwise.

Simple money making methods like 

printly in many cases are overlooked.

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Affiliate Rebirth Review

Affiliate Rebirth Review

Affiliate rebirth is a SUPER in depth course that shows you 

all you need 

to know about building amazon affiliate niche websites.

Building amazon affiliate niche websites is certainly one of the 


ways to generate passive income and affiliate rebirth is probably the most 

detailed courses i’ve ever reviewed on this topic.

It but not only teaches you a way to research your niche, it also teaches you how 

to research your keywords using a variety 

of different high quality 


Additionally, you will discover ways 

to set up your niche website while using correct 

domain name, wordpress theme, the right plugins to use and ways to write and 

optimize your content.

Together with all this, you’ll learn how to optimize your niche 


affiliate site for the search engines. This is a super detailed crash 

course in SEO from keywords all the way through to sandbox tips, social 

bookmarking, web 2.0 backlinks, PBN’s and also premium quality PR backlinks 

from educational sites… Nothing is left un-turned in this course.

If you’re looking for a way to make a passive $150 per day then affiliate 

rebirth is definitely something you should 

have a look at.

I hope you enjoyed my affiliate rebirth review

6 Minute Profits Review

6 minute profits is very powerful that Aiden 

made over $450 in a couple of 

days from 1 simple live video and he even has a

research study of this exact 

campaign inside 6 minute profits.

Now of course video 

is not for all as many folks 

are camera shy. If 

that’s you then don’t worry as 

6 minute profits incorporates a 

video tutorial 

on how to create ‘live’ videos without the need to put your face on camera.

In general, i’m giving this 

course 7.5 out of 10 as the information is 

solid and there is lots of value inside. However there are some things that 

are missing in the course which i’ve managed to fix by offering you a bonus 

course covering the ‘broken / un-explained’ areas.

Thanks for watching my 6 minute profits